Hi, High Neb!

Hi, High Neb!

Good weather continues! Today we went out to High Neb, on Stanage. I’d arranged to climb with Heidee, someone who was asking for climbing partners on UK Climbing. She picked me up from my place at around lunch time (after negociating Sheffields horrific one way systems) meaning we got to High Neb by about 1pm. It’s a strenuous walk up to the edge from the Dennis Knoll car park, especially when carrying ropes and trad gear! After huffing and puffing our way up the hill, we checked out the slabs beside High Neb buttress to warm up on.

I selected Mantleshelf Climb as a warm up, which was pretty simple, although a little bit unprotected and with some definite potential for hitting the ground! Next up was It’s a Cracker which was more of the same but with one toughish move in the middle.

Next up was the almost brilliant Tango Buttress. The first 3 quarters of the climb were brilliant, nice little holds, nervy slabby climbing and really not quite enough protection to feel safe. Definitely a little heart in mouth. It’s just a shame the top turns into a bit of a scramble. I found this nice little collage of pictures of it. By this time, Dan had turned up, just in time to “rescue” someone who was feeling stuck on High Neb by setting them up a top rope. I like the look of that climb so I’ve added it to my wishlist.

Next up was Norse Corner Climb, which was another great climb. It has a really awkward start, which took me at least 5 goes to sort it out, but after then a lovely wandering climb including slabs, cracks, a mantle and a surprise layback right towards the end.

Last climb of the day was supposed to be Solo Slab, which rapidly turned into Fail Slab. Dan leading it, came off on the 2nd bit of gear while attempting to back off it. Luckly the 1st bit was bomber and meant he didn’t hit the ground too hard. I had a go and couldn’t reach the second gear placement and couldn’t work out the next move at all. Extremely hard! To make up for it, I stripped off my harness and gear and solo’d Duo Crack Climb which was pretty simple, except for one bit in the middle where I’d muddled my feet up. Doh! Well.. I didn’t come off!

That was pretty much it for the day. A long walk back to the car park, a quick drive home and a curry!

(Photo from Earthwatcher’s Flickr photostream)

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