Over Owler Tor

Over Owler Tor

Rich topping out at Over Owler TorAnother week of perfect weather continues, so we decided to go out bouldering to Over Owler Tor.

Andy and I met up with Lou and Mark at Surprise View and we set off up the hill. We first stopped off at Mother Cap, being as it was on the way to try out the two problems with our grasps: Milk Cap and Blue Cap. Milk Cap wasn’t a problem, well if you don’t count the painful jamming! I started but didn’t finish Blue Cap, unlike Andy who monkey’d his way up to the break. Rich and Jen caught up with us at this point so we moved on to Over Owler Tor.

We spent the next 2 hours meandering our way over the majority of the easier problems. Myy favourites were:

  • Peak Bouldering Problem 9 (Roof 2), an exciting little pull over a roof from a little cave which left me scratching my forearms somewhat
  • Plop, a really delicate corner climb that wasn’t half tempting to continue into a very scary looking solo up the final third.

I didn’t manage to complete Jawbone, which was a particular nice problem from a sit start. I did manage to push it to the last move right at the end of the evening, but just didn’t have the energy left to complete it. One to come back to later!

This time I remembered to bring a half decent camera with me as well, rather than relying on a camera phone so got some, well interesting photos.

Click the images for a bigger version and the photostream with the others on.

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