June Round Up

June Round Up

A quick round up of June, a little late, but I’ve been busy!


June included two rather large milestones for running. Firstly, I’m signed up to the You Vs The Year Challenge on Endomondo/MapMyRun which is where the header for these Round Up posts comes from. The challenge was to complete 1017km of running in 2017, which I completely this month. I’m a good 150+ km ahead of where I was distance wise this year. I’m also tracking distance against the trail running magazine #run1000miles this year, so a bit of a way to do still on that, but it should fall pretty easily as I start ramping up the marathon training for the Amsterdam Marathon in October.

Oh, have I not mentioned that before on here? Yeah, I signed up for another Marathon which should be my third. This time it’s the Amsterdam marathon on the 15th of October. My ‘default’ plan for the year was to sign up for the York marathon in October, as I could get free entry through work, but when I saw some of the Embrace runners talking about this one decided to go for it. It’s always nice to go somewhere new for a run, plus Amsterdam should be pretty flat and fast! Martin, Liz and Andy have also all signed up for the half marathon which is in the afternoon, so it’s a bit of a big group outing to the continent!

The other big milestone was the Round Sheffield Run. This was pretty much the run I’d been training for all year so far and it was bloody great. I’m still really happy with how I did on it, with a solid 10 minutes or so knocked off my previous time. Loads more details of that on this blog post: The Round Sheffield Run 2017.

The rest of the month included a running holiday in Lancashire and a race taper which added up to a fine, but kinda kilometres light month. Apart from the fun stuff, motivation for general runs was pretty low. Busyness, weather, health have all contributed to a bit of a lack of motivation to go out when I needed to. I need to kick that up the arse a bit to be honest, but it seems like I might be back on track already in as I’m writing this in July.


Similar to running, my climbing consistency has taken a bit of a hit. I’m back in that situation where The Climbing Works has quite a few problems on their circuits where I’ve not actually managed to attempt them yet and they are accumulating more chalk making them tougher as I type! The weather does make it tough to do that though, and we have been making some decent attempts to go outside instead.   This month, 2 trips out ot the peaks, the first a follow up to Burbage South Boulders and then some time spent at Curbar.


Yoga has really stalled in June, mostly due to our regular teacher going home to Canada for a month. There has been someone else taking her classes, but this means there has been a tendency for them to be cancelled, probably due to the weather again. Who wants to be in a warm room contorting when you can get burgers in the garden eh?

Due a bug in their booking system I’ve ended up with two pre-purchased classes which I need to use up, so will be going as soon as time/weather allows, plus I really want to try and keep it up to help with my flexibility.

Looking forward

So, the marathon training has begin. 4 days a week of 50/60+km to look forward to! I did my first 24km running in a long time on the 1st of July and enjoyed it, despite accidentally finding myself running up a massive hill. Par for the course around here though!

In a bit of a change, I’ve signed up for a gym!  There is a new gym opened right on the top of my street: Bfit.  They have worked up gentle plan to start me doing a bit of lifting and mobility exercises to help with the running and climbing.  I’m hoping it will improve some of the stronger climbing moves and generally improve my stamina and stability in the runs.

We’ve also managed to go out on a really great evening out at Stanage too. Blog on that next!

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