Bouldering at Burbage: again!

Bouldering at Burbage: again!

I could spy that the weather was going to be… well, not rainy, so had primed people to prepare for a trip outdoors on Saturday. If it was just Liz and I, we planned to go to Burbage Boulders again, mainly because it was easily accessible via public transport, but also because there is loads of lower sized boulders which are good for Liz getting her head sorted. Also, I seemed to be developing a few little projects there (Pock sit start and The Shearing).

In the end, everyone was convinced that Burbage was a good idea so off we went just after lunch, for bouldering in probably the warmest weather we’ve had all year so far. I think the temperature was well over 26 degrees c, which obviously had an impact on our climbing. Luckily, we were all smart enough this time to wear suncream and sun glasses!

As per usual we started on Pock block, getting completely stuck here like last time, but certainly long enough. Despite the heat, I got up Pockman, much to my relief after failing it dramatically last time. It’s not hard, but does require a little bit of trust in the feet and reaching for the edge. I then set my sights on the Pock sit start, first by getting warm on Pock, repeating it about 4 times so that once I was off the ground on the sit start I wouldn’t’ fluff the top section up again!

It wasn’t to be though :(. Like last time, it took a number of attempts just to even pull off the ground. It’s a bit odd how on your 4th attempt, whereas previously you wouldn’t move, something has changed and you’re suddenly moving! Sadly, I only managed to pull up twice, and didn’t really manage to be stable enough to move into the start of Pock. Ah well. I suspect the heat really didn’t help. Perhaps next time when it’s cooler? I didn’t get chance to try out Puck this time, as everyone wanted to move across to The Sheep boulder. Not a great loss really though! 🙂

I logged this as my comment on UKC the first time I was attempting The Shearing, back in 2009: “Just could not nail this after about 10 attempts! I will get you next time….!”. That didn’t happen back in May “Didn’t get it next time. :(” and this time wasn’t to be either!

It’s only a 5+ but I’m finding the last move really tough. Stealing some beta from Ed about where to place my right foot when going for the top of the bulge looks like it might help save energy for the press out, but I was shattered by the time I’d worked it out and my right shoulder was starting to complain. Still, I got a fun Instagram video. Next time perhaps? 😉
Usually at this point we’d head over to The Brick, but in a change of tradition we instead headed over to The Sentinel, Armoured Car and The Tank. First I ran over and solo’d the two easy climbs up The Sentinel (or The Little Point/The Sentry.. who knows what it’s called!) They were easy, but the rock was a bit lichenous and sandy which added some wobble!. Next a couple of goes on the Armoured Car which weren’t too notable.

Andy and Kelly enjoy an Our Cow Molly ice cream
Our Cow Molly is GREAT!

Finally we finished our day of climbing on The Tank. Christ that rock was painful. Really sharp on the fingers. I did an enjoyable mantle climb (Wall Past Flake) before being shutdown on the rest of the climbs due to sore fingers, a lack of hip flexibility and being a lazy short arse!

On the way back, we were quick enough to fly to Our Cow Molly for an ice cream.  WE made it with about 5 minutes to spare.  It was definitely needed!

(Header picture by Martin)

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