End of 2016, looking forward to 2017..

End of 2016, looking forward to 2017..

So, the end of the year is here. What have I achieved? Good and Bad

  • Lots of training for improving my 5k time to beat 20min 5k, which then I didn’t actually really try in the end
  • Another fabulous Embrace Sports running holiday
  • A brand new 10k PB thanks to the 5k training
  • Trying out the Round Sheffield Run for the first time which turned out to be bloody brilliant fun
  • Picking up some sort of lingering ankle injury from ignoring soreness while on holiday.  Still bothering me!
  • Really disrupted climbing training meaning I was off form pretty much all year
  • Picking up some sort of shoulder injury at the start of the year which has hung around despite quite a few physio hours. It actually feels like it’s on the way out though
  • Going to Fontainebleau for a climbing holiday again and have a great time, despite being off form quite a bit
  • Volunteering free leg massages at the Parkrun which was really great for meeting some of the crew
  • Doing some pacing for the Parkrun which I really enjoyed
  • Guiding a visually impaired runner at a Parkrun
  • Getting my Beastmaker 1000 finally installed!
  • Getting virtually no lead climbing done this year
  • Not really going outdoors climbing at all 🙁
  • Doing some snowboarding
  • Starting to get a bit of swimming in again

I’ve flagged a lot of “bad” things here, but really, they aren’t that bad.   The climbing fails are mostly down to being quite busy with other things (massage course!) and not focusing on the climbing.   That can be fixed with a bit more devotion to the climbing, and right now I’m feeling reasonably psyched for it.

Running-wise, I’ve started to get a plan together.  I think I want to run another marathon this year, so I’ve starting building a plan.   I’ve booked in for a 12k in January, The Resolution Run around Rother Valley Park.   Next, is the Sheffield Half Marathon in April, which I missed last year due to a sore back.  I’m not so sure I’ll be getting a PB on that due to ultimate hillage, but we can try!   Then, Paul and I will have another go at beating his Round Sheffield Run PB in July, before seeing what I can manage in the Sheffield 10k towards the end of the year.  In theory, all of these will be just little landmarks along a training plan for a Marathon, which I’m aiming for something close to 3hr 15mins.   That sounds pretty terrifying when written down to be honest, but some of the pace calculators I’ve looked at reckon it’s possible based on my last 10k time…  I guess we won’t know until we try.  I’m not sure WHICH marathon yet, but we’ll see what looks good towards the end of the year, and get some recommendations 🙂

Climbing-wise,  I need to get my rhythm back, climbing at least twice a week, and hopefully three times.  I’d like to go to Fontainebleau again, but I’ve no idea how much spare cash I’m going to have with work changes this year, so that might not happen.  We’ll see though.   I’d also like to get doing some trad again.   Just need a reminder lesson on setting up and finding my balls again!

(Image taken from http://www.goodbye2016.com/2016/12/18/bye-bye-2016-wishes-quotes-saying-for-family-and-relatives/)

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