I bought a beastmaker 1000 over a year ago and never managed to get the DIY know it how to put it up anywhere. It’s surprisingly scary to attempt to fix something to the wall of your old 1930s terraced house and then decide it’s fixed well enough for you to hang your weight on. Plus, power drills are scary 😉

However, being as I was having loads of work done on my house this month, I broke and got in contact with an old friend who did building work and got them to put this up. This was a little drama filled. Initially we drilled it straight into the brick wall above the door frame, but it turned out that the weight of the house on the brick here wasn’t enough to really have compressed the bricks enough. This meant that it was good enough to use the bottom holds on, but as soon as we moved to the jugs at the top, the additional rotational force pulled it straight out of the wall. Doh!

Beastmaker 1000 training PRO
Beastmaker 1000 training PRO in action!
So, we went a little more hardcore next time, using resin bolts! These things apparently leach some sort of resin into the surrounding brickwork, meaning that the bolt is anchored in a whole load of solid brickwork. Because these builds are very permanent, we added a really nice wooden backboard so if I want to change the hang board I can just unscrew it from he backboard.

I’ve started using it quite a bit, following an app I’ve bought: Beastmaker 1000 training PRO. It’s crazy how weak this makes me feel. I can only really manage “Little Boy” (level 4 out of 15) but I downgraded back to “Miss Nubile” (level 3) because I felt like it might be too risky on the old fingers.

Let’s see if I can keep this up!

5 thoughts on “Beastmaker!

  1. I have the same hangboard and i think it is great but i had realy big problems to pin it to the wall ;-). I do not think You are weak. This hangboard is not an easy one as it is made of wood. And such apps are for climbers so even first levels has to be hard to allow You to train not to rest ;-). I think even very strong climber can do a solid training on this board.

    1. Thanks for your comment!

      How do you put it up on the wall? I’m really happy how mine has turned up. Almost worth the year of procrastination 🙂

      I’m still working the level 3. It was hard work today. I think I was tired!

      1. This is my:
        After several visits in shop to buy all needed things finally I have manage to put it on the wall with just a standard pins (I am not sure if this is a correct name in English) and few screws with different lengths. Directly on the wall so this is worse than yours. But still I am able to hang on it. Currently I am able to train only on easy holds so this kind of placement is good at least for now (and probably for many months from now 😀 ).

          1. That looks about perfect! That was how mine was originally mounted, but brick work wouldn’t hold it.

            Train hard!

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