Competing at the CWIF

Competing at the CWIF

After actually getting back into the bouldering again, I got roped into joining a team for the 2015 CWIF! (Climbing Works International Festival!) The CWIF is an annual bouldering tournament which we usually go and watch the finals for, but being as it’s our local bouldering wall… why not. EEP!

As the Team was formed of Ed, Kelly, Liz and myself, we decided to call ourselves “2 * (Kelly + 1)”. Yeah, bit geeky… :/

Anyway, how did it go? Surprisingly well actually. Liz was sure she was going to end getting up nothing, but surprised herself by topping out a number of climbs and getting 34 points and 6 bonus points. I also did a lot better than I expected ending up with 88 points and 12. The Team as total placed 28/41 with 282 points. Result!

Results saved for properity:

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