I’ve felt like I’ve been stuck at the same bouldering grade for a long time; managing 6a -> 6b+s at the Climbing Works for most of the year after my hand had healed, and I was pretty much at the same last year before I broke my thumb. So I decided I’d get a training session with Dave at the climbing works again, hopefully without breaking my thumb this time. 😉

Dave had me do a couple of climbs to work out where I was at and where my weaknesses were and put together more of a structured session for me to help improve my climbing.

I’m usually going 3 times a week, providing nothing gets in the way. Usually this would be just trying out the usual tougher problems, but I need to change that.

So, my three sessions are becoming:
– Tuesday: LOTS OF CLIMBING. I need to try and do between 100-150 problems in this session. Holy Christ, that’s a lot!
– Thursday: PROJECT SESSION. More of a normal session, work the harder problems I’ve got on my hit list and not be afraid to try and do them in sections to link them
– Sunday: 4x4s. This was hard. Chose 4 problems which are mid grade for me on steep ground and then do them, 4 times in a row, followed by a 4 minute rest. Repeat the whole set 3 times. Ouch.

So, I’ve done my first week. Because I also went for the first run in a while on Monday, I was totally useless on Tuesday. Still I had a go at it and managed to do ~80 problems. Not quite 100+, but a good start. I was really tired and sore, so I consider this a victory. Thursday had the new Wasp circuit up, which I jumped on after a warm up. Tough! I only managed to top out 2 of the problems. Today, I did the 4x4s. I did 2 sets, rather than 3 and did quite a bit of climbing around it. I’m reasonably happy with that as a first attempt, but must do better next week.

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