Well, it’s going ok so far! An impromptu work night out meant I couldn’t run as planned on Tuesday, but a really good but extremely sweaty evening at the Climbing Works on Wednesday night kicked the week off. New green and reds circuit up which was mostly long, stamina sapping climbs with a couple of upside down problems on there. Was very happy with how I managed on them, and despite it being a MILLION degrees in there I had a lot of fun. The lift home from Matt was greatly appreciated too!

However, I was quickly running out of days to get my 2 more runs and one more climbing session. Thursday night involved run around Hillsborough Park. 3 laps which was extremely hardwork. I am so out of shape for running right now, but that is a lap more than I did the last time!

On Saturday my Font going friends Lorraine and Jim were up in the Peak so I trotted off to join them at Burbage South. In between dodging the rain showers, we climbed our way over Useless and Useful Block and then headed out to Stanage. We spent a good while on Deliverance, which is great fun. I managed to sort the traverse across the front to the move before the dyno, but that was it. It is pretty hard so I’m happy with that 😀

Sunday, Lorraine and Jim headed out to Cratcliffe which I couldn’t work out how to get to on public transport, so I went to the Works again. A new black circuit was up which was fun, but I hurt my shoulder a bit so decided to rest it out. This morning it seems better, so cross fingers I’ll be back at it this week!

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