Out of (leading) shape

Out of (leading) shape

I went to The Foundry the other day with Chris from work and did some leading.  It must be the first time I’ve been climbing indoors for about  6 months, despite an awful lot of bouldering,  and bloody hell I felt it. I managed a 5a warm up, then started feeling it on the 2nd climb, a simple 6a. It got unbearable at the top of a 6b, causing me to bail and meaning I couldn’t finish a 5+ next without stopping. At this point, after Chris completed another rather fun looking 6b, we decided that going for a coffee and a flapjack might be in order!

Afterwards we just bouldered for a bit; my forearms were still solid and getting back on the wall would have probably been too hard! Oh well… That 7b is a long way away at the moment.. just need to get back into it!

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