My First Bouldering Competition

My First Bouldering Competition

I’m not really the competitive sort, but having seen the notices up around The Foundry for the Sheffield Bouldering league I was tempted to try it out. I was fully expecting to come bottom but decided that it would be good for the experience, and even if I managed 2 climbs, at least I’d have something to measure myself against next time!

So, to the day. I’d had a rather knackering day at work and very nearly went straight home but forced myself to turn up. I got my sheet and went and scoped out the problems. There were 25 in total to try out, from a set of 2 nice easy warm up traverses (20 free points! 😀 ) right up to some pretty hardcore looking things. I spend about 3 hours wandering around, getting some beta and then trying them out. I flashed 7 of the climbs, getting 10 points for each, and completed another on the second attempt, netting me a total of 77 points. I didn’t even get to the bonus holds on any of the other climbs! The bottom half of the bouldering league results, with my placing outlined in red.

You can see how I placed on the photo to the right, significantly higher than expected! The last two columns are score and placing. I’m aiming to break 100 on the next round!

p.s. The black mark is a friend who wants to remain anonymous 😀

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