A long overdue update.

A long overdue update.

Wow, it’s been while since I remembered to post something and i’ve been up to plenty!

Firstly, back to those targets for the year. First was to lead a 7a, which did back in June. Next was to have top roped a 7b, which I haven’t made that much progress on (except the Alter Rock one which I’m not counting). I think Jim and I need to sort out getting a rope on some of the tougher Foundry Climbs and try them out more often.

Follow the path, or the stream!Stuck to the wall....
My final target was one I’d carried from last year; doing some real outdoor climbing. Ever since I started climbing, there has been very little decent weather when I’ve been available to go out. However, a couple of weeks ago I finally had my first chance to go out. Now, the weather wasn’t that great as you can see by the flooded stream, but it was good enough for my first couple of top roped real climbs. I climbed Paradise Wall and Billiard Buttress which was, well, cold! The rock absolutely saps all the heat from your hands when it’s that cold, not to mention how windy its was!
The other picture was taken by Rich while I climbing Billiard Buttress (rather slowly!).

More to come! My first 2 bouldering competitions!

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