Another 7a!

Another 7a!

I’ve got another 7a done now. It’s the orange and black spots climb up the corner in the Furnace. Jim and I have been working on it on and off for months and, under the threat of it being taken down on Monday, set on it with a passion today. It was my second attempt that finished it, but first being thwarted by me not actually remembering how to climb correctly. After a stretch out on a couple of other easy climbs I got back on it, worked over the bits I kept messing up in my head and just did it.

It will be a shame for it to go as it’s a cracking climb.

Oh, 100 Pushups. I’ve done the first 2 weeks now and last night did the test again to start week 3. At the start I managed 40. This time I managed…. 41. Oh.

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