…but I have a note from my Mother

…but I have a note from my Mother

So, I probably should have gone climbing this morning. However, I have 3 really good reasons as to why not:

  1. On Friday I went as usual, but went bouldering instead. It’s been ages since I bouldered properly, and as a result I really _really_ ache. Diane (who came second in the uk womens championships!) was showing me how to do some of the routes on the overhanging wall which did most of the damage I think
  2. The above hard work opened a set of flappers on my left hand. They’ll heal pretty quickly, but I don’t want to open them again
  3. I was out rather late last night watching them demolish the Tinsley cooling towers. The event was at 3am, and the huge numbers of people there meant we didn’t manage to escape and get home till about 4:30!

See the cooling towers fall!

I shall redeem myself by climbing tomorrow instead! (as well as starting week two of the 100 pushs challenge.)

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