No, not this time!

No, not this time!

Really good work out on Sunday. Jim and I warmed up on some easy climbs and then really threw ourselves at the 7a we are working on. Again, it avoided us, but we are SOO close now.

Jim has finally got his head around the crux move as seen in this video:

The trick is to get your balance perfect as you match both hands onto a very poor finger tip hold. You can see at the start of that video what happens if you don’t get your balance right :D

After the crux move, the rest doesn’t get much easier. Here is a video of Jim finishing it off:

The tough move is about 35 seconds into that clip. You have to raise your legs to the right, while leaning left and pop your left hand up to the next hold mid move. Really quite intimidating.

Anyway, Jim and I have now done this climb in a million and one pieces. We know the moves, know the tricky spots. We just need to string it together. Wednesday, you are ours.

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