I certainly earned a few today. Normal Wednesday climbing session. We warmed up on a couple of 6a’s and did a competition 6a+. That climb was very odd. Lots and lots of holds, but all seeming as if the setter put up an easy climb and then on his way back down the wall, reversed all the holds!

Then on to the previous 6b+ competition climb before having a go on the 7a again. After Jim was nearly halfway up it, we realised that we were leading it, rather than seconding it as we were on Sunday. Eep! Jim managed half of it before having to quit out. Just that little bit too hard! In my attempt I made more of a mess up of the early sections but made one move more than Jim…. for a few seconds before having a rather spectacular fall which saw me swinging right out and crashing back into the wall at speed. I think I yelled! Ouch. I’m nursing a nice bloody graze on my knee from that atm.

After recovering from that, we decided to jump right back in the deep end for the final climb on that Competition 6c+. Jim got to the halfway point but couldn’t hand on to it and I pretty much got to the same place. Fingers just far to tired to pinch the holds hard enough.

We’ll get you next time 6c+! *shakes fist*

So, on with the interesting bit. I’ve discovered a marvellous bit of kit called Qik which allows you to stream videos straight off your mobile. So, I captured a video of myself climbing that 6b+. The idea is for me to look at it and try and work out what silly things I’m doing….


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