Quick update.

Quick update.

Did some climbing this evening. Did some bouldering, and I’m getting the mojo back. We watched a couple of experience climbers on some crazy looking route that seemed to require super human powers! One day… one day.

Then on to leading! Warmed up on a 5+, the a 6a, the competition yellow from last time (which is either a 6b or 6b+) and then finally on to a competition route that Jim was trying last time. I feared the worst, but actually had a really good go at it! I took two breaks on it, but did all the moves. TBH, I think that it was a lack of balls, rather than skill that stopped me flashing it! It’s not graded yet, and at the very least is a 6c…. I hope it’s been graded as that by my next sessions… if so, I may well ding at next attempt 😉

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