I keep forgetting to update.

I keep forgetting to update.

I keep forgetting to update! 🙂

This Wednesday was expensive! I had to replace my shoes (I got 5.10 Gambits, which hurt!) as I’d stripped a nice chunk a of rubber of my Mythos, my harness (just downgraded the size of my womens petzel harness from a L to an M) as my legs had slimmed to smaller that the loops would tighten AND I had to buy new chalk bag as I managed to leave mine somewhere in Birmingham.

So, £122 lighter…. ow. Oh well, I guess that kit HAS lasted me a year. Yes, also it’s been my Climbing anniversary recently too: I’ve been climbing for a year and I’m on 6cs! I’m quite chuffed with that.

I was climbing this evening and after warming up managed a 6c and a 6c+ which is the best top roped grade I’ve managed. Excellent!

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