Shoulder Update.

Shoulder Update.

Well, on the advice of the Dr, I +did+ go climbing yesterday.

It was hurting most of the day tbh, probably from the Dr manipulating it a lot, but I thought stuff it, I want to climb.

Turns out that climb made it feel better! I'm aching generally today though as it was a hard one. So, what did I do:

Did the Orange 6c. Worked on the really hard 6b+/c in the corner that has been troubling Jim and I for a couple of weeks. I think I've nearly cracked it. We then did the 'uncomfortable' purple climb, which is a 6b I think and isn't as hard as you think it is.

After that Jim and I decided to try out the newish 6c on the slab, which is corner climb. I _nearly_ managed it, just welshing out of one move on it as it was a big step up on a tiny feature with poor hand holds. More guts next time!

After that we decided to take on my latest Nemesis, the really tough, tiny hold, undercutty, leg stretchy, high steppy, arm crossing red with green tags 6b+. Jim went on it first and really struggled. I went on it and.. did it! FINALLY! I really like that climb, but it is HARD! I ended up laying out on the floor for a few minutes afterwards.

After that was a just plain horrible purple climb in the corner. Not should how tough it is, bit I'm going to put it as a 6a+/6b. It just didn't suite my style at all!

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