Long time no update.

Long time no update.

I've got a bit slack with this really.

So, I've been climbing quite a bit, usually managing at least twice a week. I've also enlisted a bunch of friends to come with me.

My level is about the same, able to do most 6b+s and one of the 6cs at my usual place. There is still 2 6b+s that are evading me but I haven't had much chance to take them on recently!

I went to a new climbing centre this weekend, Creation down in Birmingham. I was very impressed, lots of varied climbs and shapes etc. I think they grade a bit harder than my normal place though. Some of the 6bs stopped me in my tracks. On one of those I encountered my first 'dyno' which was pretty intense. Once I'd realised that +was+ the move I had to do (well, a guy yelled it up to me…) I went for it and managed it first go! Blimey.

So, anyway, really why I'm posting:

Tomorrow I'm phoning the doctor and getting an appt to get my shoulder checked out. It's been bothering me since the middle of last year and doesn't seem to be sorting itself. It hurts right now! I'm concerned I'll do myself more damage so after that, no more climbing for a bit. I'll see about a month off or something, based on what the Dr orders.


i am sad.

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