Onward and upwards!

Onward and upwards!

Had a couple of sessions since last update. The most significant events which are:

  1. Finally completing a 6b+ lead up the main wall at the Foundry. I’m just not strong/fit enough to climb this wall well yet, so this is a real milestone for me
  2. Leading a 7a climb in the furnace at the Foundry in three pieces. It was an exercise in working it out, so there was 2 moments where I just sat on the rope to work out the next set of moves. No falling off though!

I’m so chuffed about the 7a, even though it wasn’t a clean climb. This means there are 2 7a’s in the Furnace which I can climb in theory; I just need to execute a clean climb on them. I’m aiming to get the easier one of those done today…

In the mean time, enjoy another climbing video. This time just a top roped 6b.

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